About Us

Blackdown Hills Natural Fibres formed in 2005 to add value to local fibre and to market group members' skills and products together. As a group they are working to raise the profile of local fibre and offer the consumer a range of fibre and textile products that have low ‘fibre miles'. Our members all live or work in the Blackdown Hills and are committed to producing high quality fibre items. Our services are available to members and non members. BHNF members are able to access research information, attend discussion meetings and obtain discount on some of our projects and related services. Our core standards are: 1. Fibres will be sourced as locally as possible, where appropriate and available. 2. Fibre processing and textile manufacture will be at the minimal environmental cost as locally as possible. 3. It is our privilege to share the lives and fibres of our animals and it is our duty to treat them with respect. If you are interested in becoming a member of the group or would like to know more, do contact us or download and complete the membership form available here. If you do not have a PDF reader, please download it free from the Adobe Website