Blackdown Hills Natural Fibres have initiated and developed a variety of exciting projects to help fibre producers and users in a number of ways. We aim to process our fibre as locally as possible and have worked hard to achieve this. BHNF would like to thank the Blackdown Hills Leader+ Local products strategy, Devon Rural Renaissance and COBRA for helping us realise our aims in many ways. Most projects have culminated in the ability to offer a variety of services to the fibre community, which offer a discount to BHNF members.

Images of Products

There are details of the individual projects listed below and contact details for you to find out more. It is possible also to link the services, for example, leave your washed fibre with Fibre Harvest for processing and collect your woven fabric from Louise Cottey, knowing that we will take care of your fibre and will provide you with a wonderful finished product.

Blackdown Hills Natural Fibre won't stop here either. Watch for news on forthcoming projects on the home page.

Fibre Harvest will process your fibre from scoured raw fibre to spun yarn.

Woolly Boost can offer an exclusive design and weave service.

Woolly Waste offers an opportunity to rent a felting machine and receive training in order to make felt from a variety of fibres.

Fibrefest is a showcase of fibre producers both within the Blackdown Hills and nationally. It is a festival that offers opportunities to try new crafts and discover new fibre products.

There is also a FECPAK kit available for use by local members concerned about the health of their animals.